Song Of The Week

Wednesday, October 1, 2014

Hot Joint Of The day: Cooling As A Fan Produced by Correal

Hot Joint of the day with the single titled Cooling as a fan with Sip Hop produced by Correal. Cooling As A Fan Mixtape coming to you soon, also be on the lookout for sip hop on

Sip Hop-Hot Remix

For the Smokers: Get your Smoke On

The exclusive and the antheim for the pot smokers or should i say the weed smokers. A song that the smokers can relate to, which it also talks about always dealing with the freeloaders and try to hide from them as well. You love to smoke well match one, take the blunt and split it down so we can match one for this track. Shouts out to Correal on the beat exclusively which it's titled Swisha Sweet Blunts. 

Hip Hop since 1987 presents: Exclusive tour in Phily

From Phily, with artists like Freeway, Dipset, the legend from Phily's Group Dup Major Figgaz spade-o is in the building and more live and direct.

John John Da Don: Speaks on the industry

John John Da Don exclusive from Vlad TV speaks on the battlers vs the industry, as about with Keith Murray vs Fredo Star battle on MC War, and Mike Jones vs bone crusher battle as well. Speaks on the realness of how the industry rappers really is as of not taking hip hop and battling serious. Says the industry rappers think they know to much and think they just really making that move when it's the battle EMCEE's that's keeping hip hop alive.

Thursday, September 25, 2014

Andre 3000 talks being Jimi Hendrix

New Movie, New exclusive, and New interview with the man from the group Duo Outkast, Mr. Andre 3000. With Andre in this interview on HipHollywood speaks on how he became Jimi Hendrix with the craft. Plus be on the lookout Outkast touring this season with old jams and plus new exclusives on deck. Everyone be on the lookout for the movie and hopefully y'all would enjoy.

Ja'Rule speaks on the Murder INC/G Unit Beef

Ja'Rule exclusive interview live and direct speaks on the fact with Murder Inc/G Unit beef as how it all started, had conversations with Eminem about the beef and plus about the story with him and 50 Cent on 50 Cent's book compare to his book. Must see video coming from the rule himself letting the fans know the real deal and the truth.