Song Of The Week

Wednesday, December 10, 2014

Datpiff Exclusive: DC's Finest Shy Glizzy

Everyone this that new datpiff live and direct from the DC's Finest Shy Glizzy with his new EP Law 3. With hits like money Feat..Young Dolph, Handcuffs, She like Me Feat..Migos and more. It's off the chain for Winter so everyone grab your coats to rock the winter with this one here..

Wu-Tang Clan's Reakwon on Noisy live

Quick exclusive skit with the don from NYC, from Group Duo Wu Tang Clan as I'm talking about Reakwon the chef. Him on Noisy live and direct in the booth representing for the love of hip hop.
Quick skit that's off the chain for viewers to check out.

Montreality Exclusive: Ty Dolla sign interview

New and exclusive with LA's Finest Ty Dolla Sign with his new interview with Montreality tells you of how he gets down and tells his lifestyle from the streets to the top with his love of singing. Plus funny skits in between, so be on the lookout for that.

Benzino speaks on Mona Scott Young exclusive

           Benzino goes exclusive and speaks about the situation of why he is fired from Love and Hip  
Hop, speaks about of how his and stevie J's story are totally different and speaks on Love and Hip Hop Atlanta has more status or should I say more viewers than Love and Hip Hop Hollywood. Exclusive story with benzino as he speaks on how the lies, the background of LAHH and the situation with Yung Berg.

Tuesday, October 21, 2014

Exclusive Remix Of 2014: On

Exclusive Remix, exclusive mixtape track for the DJAY's to get into to vibe for the clubs and for worldwide. That Hot Remix with Bobby Shrmuda Feat..Sip Hop with Sip Hop making it hot for the mixtape game and for the love of Hip Hop. 

New Exclusive from Vlad TV: With Charlamagne Da God

Charlamagne Da God exclusive with Vlad on Vlad TV. Speaks on the drake situation with drake dealing with the strippers, the whole Johnny Blaze situation and more of today's era with strippers and sexual attenions everyone.

Monday, October 20, 2014

Live on VladTV: With Faith Evens Speaks on Marriage with Biggies

VladTV presents: The Soulful R&B singer Faith Evens talks on the Marriage with Biggie, plus speaks on the affair with Biggie and Lil Kim live and direct. Exclusive interview, if you wanna see more you know what to do go to Vlad TV or DJ Vlad for His exclusive interviews.