Song Of The Week

Monday, August 18, 2014

Troy Ave and BSB new exclusive from DatPiff

New Troy Ave and the BSB mafia with they're new EP BSB Vol.5 with Troy ave and the crew are bringing you the BSB new music on deck. BSB crew known members as King Sevin, Young Lito, Avon Blocksdale, and most of all the man himself Troy Ave.

Til i meet selena video: King Louie exclusive

Exclusive video with Chiraq's own King Louie with the new street single for the hoods to rep Til I Meet Selena. 

Mr. Scarface Exclusive conversation: On New Era Hip Hop

Mr. Scarface exclusive live and direct on All Hip hop TV speaks on today's sceene in hip hop with the rappers turning gay or just making Hip Hop soft with making good music and scarface speaks upon that note. Live and direct everyone.

Saturday, August 16, 2014

Shout Out from this Website would like to give an shout out to the viewers, the bloggers, hip hop lovers and to reality that keep america going. This is an website that you can check out exclusive new videos, new music or Mixtapes and any type of poetry or ETC this the website that you will enjoy and hear exclusives from one and only Sip Hop right along with Nieman Marcus with his new mixtape and the Cool Fresha and Versatile mixtape. So this website wanna thank you for the support for to watch and hopefully on the next round this could be a website that help talent move forward to be the next Emcee or a singer.

Kevin Gates VladTV live and direct

VladTV live and direct with Kevin Gates speaks on the Street life, snitches, fake people and handling business. Also speaks on how rappers dry snitching in the rap game hanging with the dope boy or drug dealers. More from Gates live on vladTV.

Vlad Exclusive: Momma Dee on Scrappy and Bambi

Momma Dee exclusive interview on Vlad TV talks about enjoying her 51st birthday, plus talks about the scrappy and bambi situation as far as the relationship concern. Exclusive as she speaks for the young queens of today the truth.

Dame Dash Realness: Vlad Exclusive

The Mogul himself Dame Dash on realness giving you the realness about of how to maintain as far as your age is concern, more like worrying about how young or old you are. Plus he tells us about knowing the people like Cam'ron, Jim Jones, and the harlem hustlers came up before the rapgame came. Even said that if he had a Billion Dollars he would spend it for the better not for bullcrap.
So viewers learn and take notes from this Mogul here.

Another exclusive with Dame talks about before him working with Jay-Z and before being a Mogul to this game everyone. Let him talk to you more about the topic.