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Thursday, September 25, 2014

Andre 3000 talks being Jimi Hendrix

New Movie, New exclusive, and New interview with the man from the group Duo Outkast, Mr. Andre 3000. With Andre in this interview on HipHollywood speaks on how he became Jimi Hendrix with the craft. Plus be on the lookout Outkast touring this season with old jams and plus new exclusives on deck. Everyone be on the lookout for the movie and hopefully y'all would enjoy.

Ja'Rule speaks on the Murder INC/G Unit Beef

Ja'Rule exclusive interview live and direct speaks on the fact with Murder Inc/G Unit beef as how it all started, had conversations with Eminem about the beef and plus about the story with him and 50 Cent on 50 Cent's book compare to his book. Must see video coming from the rule himself letting the fans know the real deal and the truth.

Wednesday, September 24, 2014

It's Understandbo Poem: Exclusive blog Poem

It's Understandabo 
By: Sip Hop

It's understandabo, when you wake up in the morning to live and learn through the living.
Hoping for the better, through any type of wheather for the sun rise.
Yes it's understandabo when you out paying your dues, not bothering no one just handling business.
Which i say that's real Understandabo from Understoodabo.
Freeloading off others, man you know that's not understandabo at all.
It takes a fool to realize that you can't win from a everyday downfall.
But it's understandoabo when you staying true and to others you still will have a special tree
Walking ten toes down with talent just living with your everyday flow.
But for the worst part, it's a shame of how the lifestyle of today making the game so buggabo.
Not understandabo, compare to reality that teaches us to be everyday thinking like being lyricial.
Now do you feel me where i'm coming from.
Well that let you know i'm talking about is understoodabo.
And as i say this, just have the pass
mash the gas until you hit and run like let's go ghost.
You already know now that's real understandabo.

Tuesday, September 23, 2014

This is 50 presents: Rah Digga exclusive live

Exclusive and live as direct from this is 50 with your interview host of the day from Busta Rhymes Flipmode until her being independent with her own craft til this day. The female emcee has always empower the lyricism from day one, this is with Rah Digga speaking the real hip hop live on deck everyone.

Monday, September 22, 2014

Rico Love talks the I Sin EP

Exclusive with the producer of all Rico Love as he speaks about the I Sin titled EP that's on datpiff. Speaks about the difference between a woman and a bitch, plus speaks on a real groupie story that's real and can teach the cake boys how to switch it up.
Be on the lookout for the EP I Sin that's on datpiff right now, it is off the chain with a nice bang. The song everybody's girl is real and offcial telling you about the groupies that's out here just headhunting for attenion.

40 Cal speaks the realness: On Gay Community

Realness and the truth about Gay Community as seeing kids growing up seeing this gay theme in life is not accepted at all. Have to look at how life bad effects as of people saying that is cool to be gay, which is not and how he likes Young Thug music but he needs to be like micheal sam just come out the closet with it. Real talk from your favorite number, 40.

Sunday, September 21, 2014

Reporting live from Missouri

This is an warning live video coming from Ferguson, Missouri with Rap artist Master P and wellspoken speaker himself Johnel Langerston talks to the kids to moivate them through the tragic from the ferguson riot. Let the kids know that you can make whatever the roit may have put the city through, but you can grow and have growth in still.